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DIY vaping might seem sometimes as an easy and safe process. It is a simple process indeed, but there should be kept few measures in order to prepare you ejuice safe. We have to consider that all the mixing process does not happen in a sterile laboratory, but at home or at work.

In this outlook we would like to forward a short guide for your safety and to get the best possible experience from King's Dew products.


Basic safety rules:

  1. Before starting mixing the flavors with the base make sure you have always washed your hands before. If possible, use sterile gloves.
  2. Use a clean surface. You can always use a home-use-product, such as sanitary alcohol, to clean the surface you are going to operate on. DO NOT use sanitary alcohol to clean the recipients! Use it only to wipe the are you are going to work on!
  3. Our base bottles have 25ml of mixing space inside. If you prefer to use other bottles, recipients, make sure those are also clean and sterilised. You can clean up a glass or PET bottle by putting it opened (with no cap) in a large clean vessel and covering it with boiling water. DO NOT boil the bottle itself, this may lead to cracking the bottle! You can also drop a little bit of sanitiser such as baby bottle cleaner. After the water gets cold, put the bottles/recipients standing up un a clean paper towel. Allow the bottle/recipient to dry naturally for one hour.
  4. You can use pipettes for dosage, but make sure those are also clean/sanitised.
  5. DO NOT use your fingers to mix/taste the base or the flavor. This may lead to the contamination of the products.
  6. We recommend to use a 70VG - 30PG base. PG (propylene glycol) acts as a preservative and keeps the bacteria from multiplying.


Mixing Rules:

  1. OK! Sow now you are prepared to start mixing the products together.
  2. If you use King's Dew Base base, you can pour directly all the contents of the flavor bottle into the base bottle. Close the cap and shake the bottle well. Use a circular motion for best results.
  3. You can see the recommended dosage of flavour in a table below. Dilution rate can vary due to the percentages of VG and PG in the base. 
  4. After shaking the liquid inside should look white due to the mixing of the ejuice with air inside the bottle.
  5. You can shake & vape King's Dew flavors, but for best experience you should let the ejuice steep. 
  6. Let the bottle rest in a cool, dry place. Also you SHOULD NOT keep the bottle in direct sunlight. UV rays can affect the quality of the liquid.
  7. Shake well once a day, for 3 to 5 days. The ejuice needs 3 to 5 days time to steep, in order to provide the best flavor experience. The more complex the flavor mix, the more time the ejuice needs steeping.
  8. After 3-5 days, you can add diluted nicotine to your preference. WE DO NOT provide nicotine!


Power tips:


  1. You can use a magnetic mixer to mix up the flavor and the base. This way you will be assured that ejuice is mixed properly. You do not need to shake the bottle any more. Be sure that the magnetic pill is sanitised and rinsed with clean water before. 
  2. In case a magnetic mixer is too expensive for your budget, you can also use a hand frappe mixer. This will provide great mixing effect. Still you have to sanitise and rinse with clean water the mixing rod before.
  3. To hasten the steeping process you can insert the closed bottle into 60 degrees Celsius water for one hour, one time. Afterwards leave the bottle to rest for 2 to 4 days.


Dilution Rate reccomendations:

 We have to keep in mind that the more VG percentage is in the base the more flavor is needed. VG tends to mute the flavor, so increased flavor percentage is needed.

Base Type

Volume needed of base

Volume needed of flavor

Resulting ejuice

50VG - 50PG



121 ml

70VG - 30PG



111 ml

80VG - 20PG



106 ml

90VG - 10PG



101 ml


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