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About UsWe at King’s Dew believe that vaping should not be a dull experience, and it’s due to this belief that we constantly strive to enrich your vaping experience by creating a variety of harmoniously combined flavours and share with you the royal and exquisite taste of our blends.

Our adventure began five years ago, when we first made contact with what vaping entails and the vast range of possibilities that come with the experience. Since then, we took our time, we did our research, we tested, we tasted and we came up with a portfolio of aroma blends which many of you know and love.

Thus, although our activity is based in Europe, our journey begins on the West Coast of the United States, in California. We all know that american e-liquids are one of the best in the world, so we took as inspiration the amazing mixes that are built there. We put our effort in developing flavours that can amaze your senses and can compete with the famous Californian e-liquids. 


Our adventures will further take us throughout the wondrous States of America, providing you with the same premium flavours which are manually created by merging together natural and carefully balanced artificial flavourings meant to delight all of you vaping kings and queens.

Don’t take our word for it, mix up and vape it yourself!


The Manufacturing Process


Knowing the high demand of the European Market we have chosen to collaborate in our flavour developing process with a company that possess over 20 years of experience in this field.

The company is renown on the segment for the experienced chemists that build amazing flavouring components. One of our demands was that the company should work in an integrated ISO system and also to possess a certificate for HACCP safety standards.

Our research began at their headquarters with the will of producing new amazing flavours for the vaping industry. So, slowly, but firmly we developed unique new flavourings for this segment which not only taste amazing but also meet all the requirements for the vaping industry.



Safety Data Sheets


You can download our safety data sheets by clicking on them:

SDS Bilberry Smoothie SDS Mango Elderflower Smoothie SDS Nutty Smoothie SDS Peach&Raspberry Smoothie SDS Strawberry Maracuja Smoothie





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