Bon bon

We all wish for candies or bonbons as the french call it. From a bonbon we could only wish juiciness, amazing taste and freshness for aftertaste. Struggling in the lab we have managed to bring forward this flavor for all the inner children out there. Juicy and fruity, Bon Bon is an amazing blend that invigorates your senses.

A flavor mix that will make you ride a tricycle again.

This flavor is best suited for lung inhale vaping style to be able to enjoy all it’s fluffiness.

Volume 11ml. Ingredients: natural and artificial flavorings,  pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol.

Mixing tips: mix all 11ml with 100 ml of 70VG - 30PG or 80VG - 20PG base. In case you prefer higher VG bases we recommend to mix the contents of the bottle with 90 ml of base.




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